Is Your Website Working For Your Property?

Is Your Website Working For Your Property?

The Internet is the greatest resource of the modern era, and it’s your best friend if you’re a property owner seeking tenants.

With a market full of properties trying to appeal to individuals looking to move, it’s imperative to stand out and let your property shine.

But a website isn’t as simple to create as a flyer you hand out to people. How do you know if your website is working for your property? Ask yourself the following questions to start identifying what’s working – and what you can work on still.

Does your website highlight what your property offers?

When potential tenants visit your site and start to explore, are they seeing your property in its best light?

Maybe you’ve invested time and money into upgrades and maintenance care, but your photos are out of date. Or maybe you have great photos, but not enough text to clearly explain everything that comes included with your property.

Make sure your website clearly showcases your property’s exterior, interior rooms, and grounds. Even as you start to explain the tiny details that may not be as appealing as the hot tub in the backyard, your website should be designed and written in such a way that visitors are continuously excited to see what you have to offer – and to know immediately what the highlights of your property are.

Taking care to attractively show off your property online will go a long way in convincing a tenant to visit your property in-person, and, if you share enough information online, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of questions the potential tenant has about your available spaces.

Does your website reflect your management style?

Potential tenants aren’t just appraising your property – they’re looking at you, too. Make sure your website is a reflection of who you are and what you have to bring to the table. Your website should be well designed and easy to navigate, with a layout that conveys your responsible and professional nature. Contact information must also be readily available so you can transfer this conversation from screen-to-screen to face-to-face. Consider this website an inadvertent personal profile for both your property and yourself. Your future tenant is looking closely to make sure that you are a good fit for them, as well as the property you own.

Does it give a virtual tour experience?

Your website is expected to offer potential tenants a visual preview as to what they will experience once they actually go to see the property in person. With the limitations that accompany the two-dimensional nature of the Internet, it is ideal to consider displaying your property online as it is in-person. People visiting your website will enjoy being offered a detailed, all-inclusive virtual tour of what your property offers. They don’t want to waste their time when they go to see the property in-person – they want to know what to expect with a click. If your website doesn’t provide this experience yet, it’s certainly not too late! You may want to seriously consider adding this feature in the future.

Does it positively address expected questions and concerns?

It’s human nature to want the best but to expect the worst. So naturally, potential tenants surfing your website are going to have questions and concerns. As the property manager, you will need to have the answers to those questions and concerns readily available.

Consider questions pertaining to topics such as:

– Square footage

– Parking

– Location

– Upgrades

– Price

– Community

Proactively providing information about the types of things you know tenants are most interested in knowing is one of the best ways to show your professionalism, experience and willingness to help your tenants.

Is it technically set up correctly?

We won’t get too detailed here, but there are a number of steps you must take to properly optimize your website to make it great for all visitors. Consider questions such as:

Is it mobile-friendly? If people looking up your website on their smartphone can’t explore your website when they pull it up, they’ll leave and quickly search for a competitor website, instead. Things to look out for: buttons too small to click; photos too big to load; pages too slow to open.

Is it optimized for search? If people are looking for “luxury apartments” in your area, you have to make sure your website shows up in Google’s search results. Having the right content online and the proper optimization of your site is critical when trying to attract tenants who have not heard of your property’s brand name before.

Property management is a demanding job, but with the right website you will see a huge difference in the quality of leads that you receive from the web. When you work with Paragon Residential Management, we take time to analyze your online presence and can offer various options according to your budget. You can rest assured that with Paragon on your team, your property will get the best representation possible online and in-person.

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